Karina Fernandez

Parents, if your student is missing school, please call the attendance office and leave your student’s name, reason for absence, caller’s name (must be a parent), and a phone number for confirmation:

Karina Fernandez    A-L    281-807-8016  

Sheron King                 M-Z   281-807-8014

Also, upon returning to school, the student has three days to bring their parent or doctor note, in order to have the absence changed from unexcused to excused. A NOTE MUST BE RECEIVED FOR AN ABSENCE TO BE EXCUSED.


We want to stress the “P” in Ram PRIDE for PUNCTUALITY.  We encourage everyone to be on time to class so they do not miss any important instructional time.

Students that are tardy for class will report to the Commons for first period. For all other periods, students will report to the tardy station in the main hallway. 

All students must wear their permanent student identification card or a temporary badge to check in to tardy sweep.  If they do not have a permanent identification card, they will be required to purchase a temporary badge for $1.  All fees associated with identification cards will be kept in the finance office for payment.


What is a tardy?

You are tardy if you are not inside the classroom BEFORE the bell starts ringing. If a student is more than 10 minutes late to a class, it will count as an absence.

What system does Cypress Ridge High School use for recording tardies?

Cypress Ridge High School uses a tardy system called Tardy Calculator. Tardy Calculator reads student identification barcodes, records the tardy information then issues an immediate consequence to the student via a paper receipt.  Students must wear a student identification card or temporary identification badge when they check in at tardy sweep.

What are the consequences for being tardy at Cypress Ridge High School?

1st & 2nd tardies are considered warnings – NO consequence

3rd – 4th tardies are LUNCH DETENTIONS – the date of the lunch detention is issued at tardy sweep

Starting February 1, 2018, Saturday Detention will no longer be assigned for tardies.  Instead, for 5-8th tardy, Monday and Wednesday Detention will be assigned.  After the 9th tardy, students will see their Assistant Principal

What if I fail to show up for my assigned tardy consequence?

In addition to making up the missed disciplinary assignment a student may be assigned DMC, After School D-Hall, Saturday D-Hall, suspension, formal escort, call to parent(s) or any action deemed appropriate by the Assistant Principal.

For what period of time are tardies counted?

Tardies will accumulate for each six week grading period.  Every six weeks the tardy count will renew to zero and begin again.

How can I tell how many tardies I have?

The receipt that you are given at tardy sweep will tell you the number of tardies that you have.  If you lose your receipt you can always check on the Home Access Center (HAC) to see how many tardies and absences you have. 

If I don’t have access to HAC, how can I find out how many tardies that my student has?

Tardy Calculator automatically calls home as a courtesy to inform parents of tardies on a daily basis.  If you are not receiving calls and you know that your son/daughter has been tardy, then the school may not have your most recent contact information on file.  Please call the school to verify that your current contact information is accurate.  281-807-8000.

Students are welcome to use a campus computer in the library to access HAC information.  Local public libraries also offer free use to computers and the internet.

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