Procedures and Expectations

Tardys will explain what procedures we use in regards to students not getting to class on time.

Freshman Fact Finder

Student ID Cards shows the policy on the Student ID cards.  You can also check out the FAQ 

Student Expectations

Dress Code Guidelines shows what is and is not allowed for students to wear in the school.

Dance Dress Code Guidelines will tell you basic information about school dances and what you can and cannot wear to them.

Electronic Device Policy will explain our rules on phones and other electronic devices.

Fees and Fines will tell you how and where to pay your fees and fines.

Final Exemptions will tell you the rules and regulations for getting your exemptions (Spanish).

Lunch With Students – Only Parents or legal Guardians listed on the student’s contact list will be allowed to bring lunch or have lunch with students during their scheduled lunch time.  Individuals listed on the contact list as an Emergency Contact (friends, uncles, aunts, siblings, etc.) will not be allowed to bring lunch or have lunch with students during the school day without consent of the Principal or her/his designee.

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