December 12, 2015

Cypress Ridge High School senior Pooja Agrawal’s film, “Enough,” won a silver award and $1,000 cash prize in the International Ocean Awareness Student Contest.

Dec. 10, 2015Pooja Agrawal, a senior at Cypress Ridge High School, won a silver award and a $1,000 cash prize for her film, “Enough,” in the 2015 International Ocean Awareness Student Contest.

Agrawal received an additional $250 for winning the Advocacy Award for the entire High School division. As one of the selected winners from more than 1,100 high-caliber submissions from 35 countries, her film will also be featured in galleries and merchandise sent around the world. The contest will make a matching donation to an organization of her choice.

This year, the contest prompted students to consider Our Oceans, Our Plastic to direct attention to the growing international problem of ocean plastic pollution. The contest challenged students to combine art, science and environmental advocacy to give the world’s oceans “a voice.”

Submissions ranged from essays and stories exploring the cause of plastic pollution to sculptures and dresses crafted completely out of discarded beach plastics. The artists and their work will be featured in real-world exhibition and distribution projects that will be coordinated with Bow Seat’s international partners over the coming year. 

Each project will aim to spread awareness of plastic pollution and ocean conservation to the public by engaging the public with the teen’s art, poetry, writing and films.

“The ocean is so vast that I cannot even wrap my mind around its size. I hope my short film will convey the definite information that I understand about the ocean—that it is our duty to preserve it,” Agrawal said. “I created this work for the sole purpose of telling others that it is not too late. It is not too late to change our actions so that we can limit the impact our plastics usage is having on the ocean. If we do nothing now, that one day may come when it is too late to do anything. I can only hope to play my small role and inspire others to spread awareness about ocean stewardship. I encourage people of all ages to take a stand against the degradation of the ocean. Together we can preserve the world’s most beautiful gift.”

All winning entries, including Agrawal’s, can be found online at The 2016 contest will accept entries through June 2016 at

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