Frequently Asked Questions

1)      How do I find out which bus I ride?

Go to and look under the District links section.  Under Transportation select Which Bus Do I Ride Enter your address then click Search to find your school and bus info.

2)      What do I do when I return to school after an absence?

Bring a note from your doctor or parent/guardian to the Attendance Office within three (3) days of the absence.

 3)      What should I do if I need to leave school early?

Go to the Attendance Office before school with a note from home that has a phone number where a parent/guardian can be reached for verification.

4)      What do I do if I need to miss school to visit a College or University?

You must obtain a College Visit Permission form from the Attendance Office.  Have your parent/guardian sign the form prior to having your Assistant Principal signing it.  When you return from your visit, turn in the form with the stamp from the college/university to the Attendance Office.

5)      What is the policy for being tardy?

Students are given six (6) minutes between classes and are counted tardy if they do not have both feet inside the class door jamb on the ground when the tardy bell begins to ring.

                1-2 Tardy = No consequence

                3-5 Tardy = Lunch detention/parent notification

                6-8 Tardy = Saturday D-Hall/parent notification

                > 8 Tardy = Possible suspension/parent notification

6)      What is an EA (Excessive Absence)?

Students that miss more than eight (8) school days in the Fall semester and ten (10) school days in the Spring semester are considered to have excessive absences.  Excessive absences could result in failing to earn credit for a class.  Students that have an EA status should contact their Assistant Principal to arrange make up attendance hours.

7)      Where do I go to get advice about schedules changes, personal issues, college, trade schools, scholarships, etc.?

You can make an appointment to visit with a school counselor or visit one of our counselors during lunch at the Counselor’s Corner table in the commons.

8)      How do parents sign in to the Home Access Center (HAC) to see student grades?

Go to the Cypress Ridge web page and click under the Parents and Students/Academic menu.  Click on the Home Access Center to access the login screen.  If you have not registered for your access code, click the link to get the required form.  You must return your completed form to the school and present identification to receive your access code.  You may also use your student’s account access to see grades and attendance.

9)      Where can a student get a parking permit?

Parking permits may be obtained from the Assistant Principal’s office.  The cost for a student parking permit is $50/year.  Students must present a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance for the vehicle(s) in question and a complete description of the vehicle.

10)   How can students get a locker?

All 9th grade students are assigned a locker.  All other students are given a locker on request through the Assistant Principal’s office.

11)  Where do I go to pay a fee or fine?

All fees and fines can be paid at the school Finance Office, which is located inside the main office next to the reception desk.  All fines/fees should be paid at lunch or before/after school.

12)  How is prescribed medication handled at school?

Prescribed medication must be administered by the school nurse.  Students are not allowed to carry and take their own medication.  If your student needs to take medication, please bring it to the clinic and the school nurse will make sure all medication is administered according to the doctor’s prescription.  In some cases of extended hours or special circumstances, athletic trainers may administer student medication.

13)  How do I join a club or organization at school?

You may obtain a list of clubs from the Assistant Principal’s office or by going to the campus website and looking for the specific club in question.  Meeting times, locations, membership requirements and sponsors vary by club.

14)  If I cannot attend my assigned discipline assignment on Saturday what do I do?

If you know in advance that you cannot attend your Saturday discipline assignment, go to your Assistant Principal and explain the circumstances.  If something arises between schools dismissal on Friday and the Saturday session that causes you to be absent, report the circumstances to your Assistant Principal on the following Monday morning.  Do NOT wait to be called in for missing your discipline assignment.

15)  What is the procedure for riding the late bus?

Students are only allowed to ride the late bus if they have been involved in a school related athletic activity, club/organization meeting or academic tutorial session.  Upon departure from any one of those activities, students are given a tutorial pass that enables them to access the Overflow Room.  Students are given ten (10) minutes to get from their activity to the Overflow Room.  At 4:15 pm overflow students will be given a bus ticket enabling them to ride the late bus.  Late buses will pick students up on the north side of the building.


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